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Acquire more bases than the opponent!


Capture the flag mode to acquire all bases which exist in each point in map.

Key Note

Every members continuously acquire WP in occupied points.


RedTeam: You should occupy all 5 points.

BlueTeam: You should occupy all 5 points.

Available Sub Mode

  • Able to combat as human or wolf both
  • Able to combat only as human
  • Able to combat only as wolf
  • Able to combat in wolf side or human side
  • Able to combat with grenade

Available map

Acquisition of point

  • 1. Check each point's location in each map.

  • 2. Automaticaly get occupied when you reach the location. Occupation way is to hold the position for certain period of time. The occupation mark is displayed on the screen as gauge.

  • 3. You are able to occupy that point when the gauge is filled up. You can see notice and change an icon at the top when you occupied.

Takeover the point

  • 1. When you approach to the opponent's occupied point, you automatically try to release it. If the release gauge is fulled, that point is changed to neutrality, then you able to occupy that point.