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Alexsandro Del Riccardo

Alexsandro was a legendary soldier. He was the idol of many soldiers because he completed all missions whatever he get any problem in any situations.

In his bottom, he only has his "enemy" and "mission" from the high competitive spirit.

One day, he got the special mission. This mission was sudden attack and destroy totally enemies with "Wolfteam battalion 1" superficially. But Alexsandero have a secret mission for checking fighting power of "Wolfteam battalion 1".

After checking the fighting power of Wolfteam battalion 1, he impressed and awe-inspired from them. And he was jealous and became hatred from the "Power" that only "Wolfteam battalion 1" had.

After completing this mission, he requested to have this power continuously, but his superiors always rejected to give this power since they don't want to lose talented soldier, Alexsandro.

Alexsadro is rejected to get the power continuously, he obsessed the power of "Wolfteam battalion 1". This obssession made him ultraistic and acted unpredictably so he lost his commander's confidence. Later, "Wolfteam battalion 1" is changed to terrorists and Alexsadro went to the mission to remove them.

He knew how powerful "Wolfteam battalion 1" is. So he persuaded his superiors that he must get the "power" to remove them. Finally, he got the power that he wanted it so much.

And he thought that he only deserved to have the "power" and decided to handle "Wolfteam battalion 1" which acted as terrorists.