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Kate Blume

Kate aided Pedro Gomes before Wolfteam 1st Battalion was established. When she started to assist him, he was not a violent and oppressive leader as known to public but a nice soldier and man and she loved him secretly.

However, once the army tried to make Pedro Gomes troops Wolfteam 1st Battalion by using 'Anti Epocsin', Pedro disobyed the order and were held in custody because of this contumacy.

When Pedro Gomes and Kate were in custody, the army injected their troopers with the 'Anti Epocsin'. He knew this fact later and started to regret that he could not protect his troopers so that he decided to be injected with the 'Anti Epocsin'.

Even though Kate try to turn his mind around, he was so decisvie that nobody could not stop him. Finally she also decided to stay with him rather than left him "Pedro Gomes" so was injected with Anti Epocsin as well.

When they returned to their troopers, Wolfteam 1st Battalion, they said that Pedro and Kate, who joined the troop late, were betrayers and left them out.

Because of the reaction from the troopers, Pedro Gomes had hard time and Kate found that there was a conclealed leader of Wolfteam 1st Battalion. Kate asked the Wolfteam leader to resolve the misunderstading but he diregarded her requests and Pedro became more violent due to the continuous hotile actions from the troopers.

Kate told him about the connection betweent the troopers' action and the leader to relieve his violent and oppresive character and tried to resolve the misunderstanding. However, his violence was too big.

At last, "Pedro Gomes" killed the wolfteam leader and disguised his death as an accidnet and then he took over the troop by making the troopers to obey him.

Kate, who knows all the circumstances and does not forget Old Pedro Gomes, wants him to be what he was before and decides to stay and protect him.

Kate Blume

When using; In addition, earn 30% Gold

When this character transforms to Wolf, below additional properties will be applied compared to Basic Wolf.

  • Jump +5%
  • Moving Speed +5%
  • Protection Ability +10%
  • Basic Attack Ability +15%
  • 'Snake Attack' Attack Ability +35%
  • When attacked Recover Ability +5%
  • When howling, additional Strength (HP) +200

These properties would be a little different in actual game.