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Wolf Rush Boss Mode

Hell Hound

Have you ever seen the Gate to Hell? – Anonymous executive of Lycan

Narrowly escaping the Ruins after his defeat, the Hound was captured by the Lycan terrorist group. Discovering a rare form of Anti-Epoxine in his bloodstream, they modified it, mutating him into the terrifying bioweapon, "Hell Hound." The Lycan planned to use him to spread their infection across the world.

Hell Hound was detected at Machu Picchu along with an escort of Lycan terrorists and mercenaries. Soon after, reports of new infections started to pour in. Defeat the Hell Hound and his minions at Machu Picchu.

  • Hell Hound

    Hound is a Boss Wolf uses both mighty melee and ranged attack with higher attack and defense ability and bigger than Hound

    Major Attack Pattern

    • - Melee Double Hit
    • - Melee Triple Hit
    • - Ranged Shock Bomb
    • - Ranged Gravity Bomb (Flings the players once it is exploded)

    Major Attack Pattern


Machu Picchu