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Wolf Rush Boss Mode


Dios mando este desastre… - Monologue of a survivor

Site of a fierce battle between Paien and various packs over what to do with the remains of ancient wolves found in the area. During the battle, a dormant embryo buried deep within the remains was awakened.

It fed upon the blood spilled during battle, and grew into a dark, twisted creature. This unholy creature soon began mercilessly slaughtering every soldier in the temple. Defeat the creature, code-named "Hound," and secure the excavation site.

  • Hound

    Hound is a Boss Wolf uses both mighty melee and ranged attack with incredible attack and defense ability.

    Major Attack Pattern

    • - Major Attack Pattern
    • - Melee Triple Hit
    • - Ranged Shock Bomb
    • - Ranged Gravity Bomb (Flings the players once it is exploded)

    Major Attack Pattern