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Sarah Linda

Sarah was the haed researcher of Paien pharmaceutical company that made Epoxyn. She was very happy because of a fiance who really love to her, and he is the big rival to her as well.

Sarah and her fiance had been developing the Epoxyn very hard by cooperating and competing each other, finally she had successed in developing Epoxin before her fiance done.

But she was unable to stop to developing the epoxyn because it is very important work which will go down in history Their relationship became worse, finally he quited the paien parmaceutical company without any notice to sarah.

There were celebration party when Epoxyn development was finished. In that moment, she realized that there was no fiance anymore.

She tried to find her fiance in all every way, even she asked to militery to search fiance by using her authority. At that time, some pictures were delivered to her.

There was the fiance in that picture, looks like clinical demonstration in laboratory. She realized that laboratory was the France military in which had been used as laboratory when developed the Epoxyn. With realizing this, she went to Frace militery laboratory but she couldn't enter in because blocked by soldiers.

Someone said this laboratory had been lied in ruin caused by misterius explosion accident. Some day, she heard medicines "Anti-Epoxcyn was developed by Paien pharmaceutical company based on Epoxyn.

Also heard that medicine was distributed to militery after clinical demonstration in the secret. She shocked because her research had been used in bad way. So, she decided to stop developing anymore.

Meanwhile the company request one project which need to be worked together with militery in secret, but she rejected. Then militery showed to her one picture which is indicated her fiance looks like very bad condition. Afer seeing this picture, she accept that proposal then go to the field to research, but the place was vilage which was a lot of dead body and blood. As soon as she arrived, accompanied soldiers are killed by unkown group.

Running away alone, she decided to alive because she wanted to apology for what she had done to her fiance, and she still doesn't know about trace. That decision lead to insert "Anti Epoxyn" into herbody.

After inserting the Anti Epoxyn which is newly developed, she opened eyes in hospital. In the end, she realized that it is unable to go back to before as normal human. She didn't feel like regret or despair, only try to return her fiance as normally by entering the militery.

Sarah Linda

When using; In addition, earn 30% Gold

When this character transforms to Wolf, below additional properties will be applied compared to Basic Wolf.

  • Jump +5%
  • Moving Speed +5%
  • Protection Ability +10%
  • Basic Attack Ability +15%
  • 'Snake Attack' Attack Ability +35%
  • When attacked Recover Ability +5%
  • When howling, additional Strength (HP) +200

These properties would be a little different in actual game.