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Marien Arnault

Marien has been raised like the apple of her parents’ eye in the family of a multimillionaire, but she volunteered for GIGN by the spirit of ‘Noblesse Oblige’ even if her father opposed desperately.

She had to be harshly trained because GIGN is the best Force that has never experienced any failure in their tactics. She eventually joined the army without falling behind.

One day, she was assigned to a special strike force and started to commit a terrorist act of Pedro’s Laycan Marseilles.

She successfully completed hostage-rescuing plans by being covered by the foreign legion.

Marien Arnault

When using; In addition, earn 30% GP

When this character transforms to Wolf, below additional properties will be applied compared to Basic Wolf.

  • Jump +5%
  • Moving Speed +5%
  • Protection Ability +10%
  • Basic Attack Ability +15%
  • 'Snake Attack' Attack Ability +35%
  • When attacked Recover Ability +5%
  • When howling, additional Strength (HP) +200

These properties would be a little different in actual game.