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Christopher Smith

The multi-national forces formed Wolteam-S to suppress a terrorist organization called 'the wolf 1st battalion-now called the Lycan'.

All members of Wolfteam-S were injected 'Anti-Epoxyn S' of Paien pharmaceutical company so they are able to control Diewolf syndrome with fewer side effects.

Christopher who was orginally a captain of US Army but once he made a wrong decision that caused exterminating of whole platoon in result of his authoritative mind.

After this he was conscripted by Wolfteam-S, now actively engaged as head of Wolfteam-S recon party.

Christopher Smith

When using; In addition, earn 30% GP

When this character transforms to Wolf, below additional properties will be applied compared to Basic Wolf.

  • Jump +5%
  • Moving Speed +5%
  • Protection Ability +10%
  • Basic Attack Ability +15%
  • 'Snake Attack' Attack Ability +35%
  • When attacked Recover Ability +5%
  • When howling, additional Strength (HP) +200

These properties would be a little different in actual game.